Organizations planning to obtain ACPE-approval for educational activities from the Office of Continuing Education, should complete the online application. Below is the information you will need to submit your CE Application.

If you have questions at any time throughout the process, contact for assistance.

Organizations seeking interprofessional accreditation should email

1. Before Submitting Your Application

  1. If you do not already have a Joint Providership agreement with the CE Office, email with details regarding your activity. Please include the title and date of the activity along with the delivery format (i.e., live (in-person), live (virtual), or online (home study, asynchronous)).

    If you already have a Joint Provider Agreement or have been in contact with the CE Office, you may proceed directly to the application form.

    If you are submitting an application for a Pharmacotherapy Round, you must submit your application using the Pharmacotherapy Round Application. Pharmacotherapy Round applications submitted through the wrong form will be returned.
  1. Review the CE Office’s Speaker Guidance Document.
  1. Prepare the information necessary to complete the application; the application form requires the following information:
    • Speaker Name(s), Credentials, Title(s), Email Address(es), CV(s), and Disclosure Form
    • Activity title, date(s), needs assessment, type (i.e., knowledge or application), contact hours, learning objectives, designator code, target audience, and delivery method [i.e., live (in-person), live (virtual), home study)]
    • Pharmacy keywords
    • Promotional brochure/activity announcement (if available) and dissemination plan
    • Educational methods, including, active learning and assessment strategies for measuring participant learning and accomplishment of learning objectives
    • Financial support details (if applicable)
    • Details regarding any specific board certifications or specific state regulatory requirements related to this activity (if applicable)

2. Submitting Your Application

  1. Submit the online application form. Applications should be submitted at least 45 days prior to the activity date (see the Activity Timeline Document).
  2. Once an application has been submitted, the CE Administrator will review the application and guide the proposal through the process. Once the activity has been reviewed and approved, an activity description form (ADF) will be created; a universal activity number (UAN) will be assigned and sent to you via email.

3. Prior to Your Activity

  1. Prior to your activity date, send the remaining activity materials to; including slides and handouts, assessments (if applicable), and promotional materials (see the Activity Timeline Document). Final activity announcements must be approved by the continuing education office prior to dissemination. Activity announcements and promotional materials must meet the ACPE Guidelines. View the Activity Announcement Guidance Document for additional information.
  2. The CE Office will prepare your activity evaluation in an online survey and will send the link prior to your activity date.
  3. Prepare a sign-in sheet for activity attendees.

4. After Your Activity

  1. Provide the activity attendees with the link to the activity evaluation (this link may only be supplied to attendees who meet the requirements for activity completion). The CE Office will provide a deadline for the activity evaluation, all attendees should complete the evaluation no later than this date.
  2. Send the activity sign-in sheet to For home study activities (asynchronous), completion reports should be sent monthly.
  3. The CE Office will upload credits to CPE Monitor typically within 3-4 weeks after the activity evaluation deadline. Per ACPE policy, all credits must be uploaded to CPE Monitor within 60 days of the activity date.
  4. After completing the CPE Monitor upload, an invoice will be generated and sent to you via email. Review and processing fees are based on the number of credit hours, number of participants, and number of uploads to CPE Monitor.

For any questions or for assistance in submitting your application, contact for assistance.