The School of Pharmacy has worked with several area universities to establish 3:4 dual degree programs. Under these agreements, students are able to fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor of Science (BS) and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degrees in a shorter amount of time.

Students complete three years of their undergraduate education at one of these institutions. Then, they apply for admission to the School of Pharmacy. If they are admitted to the PharmD program, they start the program and the credits they earn during the first year of the curriculum are recognized by the student's undergraduate institution, and are applied toward completion of their bachelor's degree.

As a result, instead of taking four years to complete the BS degree and another four years to complete the PharmD degree, students complete both programs in seven years.

Students who elect this option are not given preferential treatment for admission to the School of Pharmacy. However, participation in the 3:4 program has indirect benefits to the students, since they will learn more about pharmacy by participating in these programs and the School of Pharmacy will keep in contact with them during their three years of undergraduate work.

Currently, 3:4 programs have been established with:

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