Practice-based research initiatives at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy address health disparities, medication use, and best practices to prevent and treat a variety of diseases.

Practice-based research through the Center for Innovative Pharmacy Solutions tracks important aspects of collaborative practice, including the identification, resolution, and prevention of medication-related problems in patients at home, models for pharmacist-directed services in the patient-centered medical home, and best practices during transitions of care. Examples include:

  • Research on medication management therapy (MTM) to help the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services assess the best approach to standardizing MTM service delivery.
  • Programmatic research, training, and practice outcomes assessments related to the role of community pharmacies in the distributed network of clinical care after the implementation of health care reform.
  • Evaluating, addressing, and testing outcomes related to key medication and safety issues for patients in assisted living and long-term care facilities in Maryland, including examining patient and medication-related safety factors of remote dispensing in these facilities.