Patient-Driven Values in Healthcare Evaluation (PAVE) works to educate patient communities and disseminate patient-driven value elements.

Latest News

Drs. Susan dos Reis, Alejandro Amill-Rosario & Julia Slejko from the PAVE program have published a blog entitled, Health Technology Assessment: Evidence Generation Methods For Patient-Driven Values in the March 14 issue of Health Affairs Forefront, the blog of the Health Affairs journal.

Digital Health Webinar Series Recordings

Digital Health & Health Equity Webinar


  • Beverly Butler, SWATS LLC, PAVE Program Stakeholder Advisor
  • Juan Caicedo, Executive Director, Heritage Care, Inc., PAVE Program Stakeholder Advisor
  • Jennifer Dexter, Director of Policy, National Health Council
mHealth & Examples of Patient Community Engagement


  • Wendy Camelo Castillo, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
  • Angela Dobes, MPH, Senior Director, IBD Plexus, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
mHealth, Digital Health, Digital Therapeutics: Terminology & Current Landscape

Featured speakers:

  • Ieuan Clay, PhD, MSci, Chief Scientific Officer, Digital Medicine Society
  • Megan Coder, PharmD, MBA, Chief Policy Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Patient Education

Working with our patient and community partners, PAVE aims to:

  • Expand minority and underserved patient populations' capacity to engage in value assessment.
  • Ensure framework developers/assessors are skilled in patient engagement.
  • Expand available training from introductory to intermediate and advanced levels.
Patient-Informed Values in Minority Communities

Watch this short video to hear Wendy Camelo Castillo, MD, MSc, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Practice, Sciences, and Health Outcomes Research and Hispanic patient engagement core lead, discuss the importance of incorporating patient perspectives and values from minority communities in value assessments in health care.

Professional Education

With permission from our partner organization, the National Health Council (NHC), PAVE shares the following educational resource for health care professionals interested in learning more about patient-centered care.

  • NHC Value Classroom
    The NHC's Value Classroom features tools and resources for understanding value in health care and value assessment. Resources are intended to help patients and patient advocates engage in discussions on and the assessment of value.

Information Dissemination

The work of PAVE researchers is not complete just because a study has concluded. Our researchers are committed to disseminating information and methods to support real-world implementation of patient-driven value assessments through the development of broad-reaching dissemination materials.