The Mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

To advance basic, translational, and clinical research in the fields of drug discovery and development, pharmacogenomics, nanomedicine and clinical therapeutics, computational and systems biology, pharmaceutical imaging and the chemistry of life processes.

Uphold the highest standards of contemporary pedagogy via its education of both Professional and Graduate students in pharmaceutical sciences.

Improve human health through educational service and outreach programs based on our scientific programs to the public, as well as to scientists in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies.

Support and advance the research and entrepreneurial careers of its faculty by enabling resources, administrative support, and mentorship.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives

The department will capitalize upon its mission by:

  1. Establishing internal and external partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances that will lead to collaborative investigative grants and contracts, program project initiatives and training grants.
  2. Developing centers of excellence by building on core competencies in the areas of the chemistry of life processes; complex biological systems and quantitative biosciences; clinical translational sciences and experimental therapeutics; imaging, modeling & simulation; and CNS diseases & drug addiction.
  3. Promoting research creativity through collegial interaction, diversity, mutual respect and interchange of ideas.
  4. Developing trainees into outstanding scientists who excel in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, or government agencies and are leaders in a rapidly evolving multidisciplinary environment.
  5. Implementing innovative educational methods for graduate and professional students.
  6. Providing professional and scientific expertise to the greater community at the local, state, national and international levels.
  7. Translating scholarly activities into marketable initiatives such as patents, intellectual property, technologies, entrepreneurial sabbaticals and faculty-led startup companies.