PRC provides responsive and client-focused computer programming, data management, pharmaceutical classifications, and analytic support for health services research and evaluation. “Powering Your Research Capabilities” becomes possible through the services of a highly collaborative and qualified professional team of experts.

Why Choose Us?

All stored data is backed up daily. Full system backups are conducted monthly. Data recovery can retrieve data from the previous five years or even as recently as the previous day.

Full security is in place through the use of firewalls and encrypted data files. Only pre-approved secure connections have access to the servers.

The Linux server uses Samba and network file system (NFS) to provide a data storage area that is seamlessly available to our clients. Remote access to the servers is achieved through the use of a virtual private network (VPN) and secure shell.

PRC’s server is equipped to handle large data sets. Data can be loaded and archived from a variety of media, such as CDs, DVDs, and USB hard drives.

Services We Offer:

All projects are managed by an assigned project coordinator, as our center strives to keep our clients’ interests as our top priority. Frequently requested services include:

Assisting investigators in obtaining data Operationalizing variable definitions
Investigating data integrity and completeness Creating analysis files
Creating formats and labels for readability Validating analysis files with source data
Cleaning data Performing statistical analysis
Developing file update process Project management
Providing input on pharmacotherapeutic issues SAS, STATA, R, and ArcGIS programming consultations

Our Work:

“PRC’s team members are professional and helpful. They went above and beyond to help my team understand and utilize visualization of data.”

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Current and Past Collaborators:

Since our founding in 1998, PRC’s collaborators have included federal and state agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and other public and private sector partners.

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