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PRC Publications

**Names noted in bold font indicate PRC staff members at the time of publication.


Simoni-Wastila L, Wei Y-J, Lucas JA, Brandt N, Moyo P, Huang T-Y J, Franey CS, Harris I. Mortality risk of antipsychotic dose and duration in nursing home residents with chronic or acute indications. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society .epub ahead of print publication DOI: 10.1111/jgs.14111 May 2016

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Onukwugha E, Petrelli N, Castro K, Gardner J, Jayasekera J, Goloubeva O, Tan M, McNamara E, Zaren HA, Asfeldt T, Bearden J, Salner AL, Krasna MJ, Prabhu Das I, Clauser SB. The Impact of Multidisciplinary Care on Processes of Cancer Care: A Multi-Institutional Study. Journal of Oncology Practice. Accepted July 2015.

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Stolker JM, Badawi O, Spertus JA, Nasir A, Kennedy KF, Harris IH, Franey CS, Hsu VD, Ripple GR, Howell GH, Lem VM, Chan PS.  Intensive care units with low versus high volume of myocardial infarction: clinical outcomes, resource utilization, and quality metrics.  J Am Heart Assoc 2015; in press.


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Older Publications


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