The PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSC) program is divided into three programs in Chemical and Biology Discovery, Translational Therapeutics, and Pharmacometrics.

Students select a mentor from one program under which to pursue their doctoral research, though faculty often work together as part of the program's highly collaborative environment. Explore the links below to learn more about each faculty member.

Chemical and Biological Discovery Program:

Faculty in this program are engaged in research at the interface of biology, chemistry, and computational sciences to explore biological mechanisms in the development of novel new technologies and therapeutics.

Andrew Coop, PhD Amanda Oglesby, PhD
Daniel Deredge, PhD C.S. Raman, PhD
Steven Fletcher, PhD Paul Shapiro, PhD
Jace Jones, PhD Jana Shen, PhD
Maureen Kane, PhD Angela Wilks, PhD
Alexander MacKerell, PhD Patrick Wintrode, PhD
Sarah Michel, PhD Fengtian Xue, PhD 

Translational Therapeutics Program:

Faculty in this program are engaged in optimizing drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics and therapeutic efficacy of drugs through a combined strategy that integrates experimental and translational therapeutic approaches.

Richard Dalby, PhD Yan Shu, PhD
Natalie D. Eddington, PhD, FCP, FAAPS Audra Stinchcomb, PhD
Stephen Hoag, PhD Hongbing Wang, PhD
Edward Moreton, PhD Jia Bei Wang, PhD
Ryan Pearson, PhD Bruce Yu, PhD
James Polli, PhD  


Faculty in this program are engaged in helping students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, perform, and interpret pharmacometric analyses with the goal of influencing key drug development, regulatory, and therapeutic decisions.

Joga Gobburu, PhD
Mathangi Gopalakrishnan, MS, PhD
Vijay Ivaturi, PhD