Rates for services available through the Mass Spectrometry Center are listed below.

  • Cost depends on the assay and/or scope of the project.
  • Complex projects that require intensive sample preparation or data analysis may require additional effort and resources, which will be discussed with staff during your project consultation. The additional services will be factored into the quote generated for the service request.
  • Established assays may require set up fees in addition to time on the instrument.
  • Supplies such as specialty reagents and consumables are charged at cost.
  • We do not guarantee any turnaround times.
  • Fee-for-service activities for external partners may require a deposit of up to 50% of the quoted/estimated project costs.
  • Prices are subject to change upon periodic rate review.
Service or InstrumentRates
  UMB Non-profit For-profit
MS Center Staff Time $100/hr $100/hr $100/hr
Method Development $100/hr $100/hr $100/hr
Training $100/hr $100/hr $100/hr
Mass Determination - Low Resolution1 $25/sample $35/sample $135/sample
Accurate Mass - High Resolution2 $35/sample $50/sample $150/sample
Lipid Profiling3 $35/sample $50/sample $150/sample
Bioinformatics/Computing Resources $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
1) AB Sciex 6500+ Qtrap $30/hr $45/hr $145/hr
2) Advion expression-L Compact MS $5/hr $10/hr $20/hr
3) Agilent 6560 IMS-QTOF $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
4) Agilent 7700 ICP-MS $150/hr $200/hr $350/hr
5) Bruker Amazon Ion Trap $40/hr $55/hr $155/hr
6) Bruker Solarix FT-ICR $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
7) Bruker Ultraflextreme MALDI-TOF/TOF $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
8) Thermo Q-Exactive HF $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
9) Thermo TSQ Altis 1 $30/hr $45/hr $145/hr
10) TQ Altis 2 $30/hr $45/hr $145/hr
11) Thermo Orbitrap Fusion Lumos - Athena $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
12) hermo Orbitrap Fusion Lumos - Apollo $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
13) Waters Acquity TQ XS-1 $30/hr $45/hr $145/hr
14) Waters Acquity TQ XS-2 $30/hr $45/hr $145/hr
15) Waters Synapt G2Si HDX $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
16) Waters Synapt G2S $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
17) Waters Acquity-TQ-S $30/hr $45/hr $145/hr
18) Waters Acquity UPLCs $10/hr $20/hr $30/hr
19) Waters Select Series Cyclic IMS $50/hr $65/hr $165/hr
20) Agilent 8900 ICP-MS $250/hr $300/hr $450/hr


1 Mass Determination Low Resolution can be performed on: Bruker Ion Trap or Advion expression-L Compact MS or tandem quadrupole platforms

2 Accurate Mass High Resolution can be performed on: IMS-QTOF, FT-ICR, Q-Exactive HF, Orbitrap(s), and/or Synapt G2S

3 Lipid Profiling can be done on IMS-QTOF and/or Synapt G2S