2023-2024 University of Maryland Residency and Fellowship Professional Development Seminar Series

All programs will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

All sessions are offered on a Monday evening in Pharmacy Hall S412 Conference Room (20 N. Pine Street, Baltimore) with a WebEx virtual option

Please note that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Concepts will be discussed at the beginning of each seminar with time for case-based discussions for 15-20 minutes. 

Date Topic Presenters

July 17

Diversity in Healthcare/Study Design and Research Methods Dr. Kimberly Claeys

Aug. 21

The Evaluation Process Dr. Richard Rovelli 

Sept. 18

Identifying a Mentor to Achieve Professional Goals Successfully Dr. Kristin Watson 
Oct. 2 Getting Things Done: The Art of Productivity Dr. Mojdeh Heavner
Nov. 13 Resident Wellbeing and Preventing Burnout Dr. Shawnée Daniel-McCalla
Dec. 11 Social Determinants of Health in an Urban Environment Dr. Amy Kruger Howard 
Jan. 22 Precepting Tips and Tricks Dr. Michael Armahizer
Feb. 12 GraphPad Tips and Tricks Dr. James Leonard
Mar. 11 Manuscript Preparation Dr. Neha Sheth Pandit 
Apr. 15 Manuscript Peer Review Process Dr. Emily Heil
May 20 Financial Management Dr. Tisa Silver Canady
June 10 Making a Smooth Transition from Residency to the Real-World Drs. Ian Booth and Thomas Laudone